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Nicole R Vincent

Top Ten

In this remote release session, I will release the top 10 things that come up connected to your area of concern.  

If you don't have a specific concern, we can let your body choose by choosing "highest priority".  


What may come up in your session:

  • Emotions - regular or heart-wall

  • Negative programming

  • Adversarial attacks/influences

  • Energetic obstacles

  • Various connections

  • Limiting/negative beliefs

  • Release of absorbed emotions

  • Release of dark & negative cords

  • If present, release of any hooks that are being received

Energy Balancing Add-on:

I will check and balance, if needed, these various energy systems.

  • Chakras

  • Meridians

  • Grounding

  • Five Rhythms

  • Aura

Rate for Top 10 Session:

  • $40 per session

  • Add on: Energy Balancing - $15

  • Add on: Custom Essential Oil DIFFUSER Recipe - $15 (recipe only - not the oils)

  • Add on: Custom Essential Oil ROLLER BALL Recipe - $15 (recipe only - not the oils)

  • Add on: Intuitively chosen healing or protection energy applied/installed - $10

  • Add on: Essential oil recommendation to support your emotional healing - $5 (this is intuitively chosen for you from doTERRA's single oils & oil blends)

*We will NOT be meeting face to face or via video chat.

Within 10 to 15 business days of your request, you will receive your notes along with a general audio recording explaining what is done in a Top Ten session and links to short videos explaining the various things that showed up and were released. I will text or message you through Facebook when notes have been emailed so you won't miss them.

"Wow this is amazing! 
I felt so exhausted and now feel so much better. 
Feel grounded and clarity again. It was an intense month and needed this refresh, thank you."

— Anna G.


"Thank you! I have no words. I feel lighter and definitely more like myself. Like an “energy vacation “!  You rock!"

— Pam M.

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