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Holistic Empowerment


Are you ready to feel your best and release what is holding you back in your goals?  Holistic Empowerment sessions are the most thorough service I offer and will help you on your way to becoming your best self.

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Heart Opening


Our hearts are the physical and spiritual centers of our bodies and the bridge between our physical and the spiritual selves.  Through life's experiences, our hearts can become closed and hardened, unable to truly connect to ourselves, to others, or to God.

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Energy Refresh


Feeling a little weighed down or overwhelmed?  A quick Energy Refresh Session is a great way to help you feel a little lighter and ready to keep on going.

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Heart-Wall Release Session

Are you struggling with connecting with yourself and others? Do you struggle to feel at all or feel too much? You may have a heart-wall.

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All Heart-wall sessions are done by Kensi Vincent. If you would like your heart-wall worked on by Nicole, you can book a Heart-opening session.

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Food Chart

Through muscle response testing and intuition, I will test through over 400 different foods, drinks & additives to see which ones you need to avoid or limit and which ones you need more of.

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Herbal Oils

Custom Essential Oil Blend Recipe

Custom blends can be great for physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual reasons. I can even make the blend for you for an additional charge.​

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Whether you are looking to level up in your business, get through a personal struggle or hurdle, or just progress towards your highest self, customized affirmations can help you on your way.

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Pet Session


Our pets are important to us. We should make sure that they are living their best life.

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Holistic Help Session



Two days every month, I dedicate to helping others who might not have the means to work with me. I try to help as many as I can in these two days and the help will vary based on each situation and need. I call these sessions my Holistic Help sessions.

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