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Stay Well

I love being able to support my family's immune systems with natural, effective tools. If you would like to be prepared, I've put together a kit of essentials to help you stay well. You can edit and customize if needed.

💥OnGuard Sanitizing spray - We use this ALL THE TIME!!! On our hands, on shopping carts, on phones, etc. Great size for purse, car, diaper bag, etc. TSA size for carry ons.

💥OnGuard Touch roller (10ml) - This pre-diluted roll on is great for applying our protective blend topically. We love to apply along the spine and on the bottoms of feet.

💥Petal Diffuser - Diffusing the the easiest way to clear the air of pesky critters. As you breathe in the oils, your immune system is strengthened. We also love to diffuse to calm anxious or stressed feelings.💥OnGuard Oil (15ml) - This undiluted oil is the star of this line up. It is a blend of essential oil that pack a punch and empower your immune system. You can take this oil internally or put it in the diffuser. You can also use topically with dilution.💥OnGuard+ Softgels - These softgel capsules are our family's hero. They have OnGuard, black pepper, oregano & melissa to help fight anything extra you might have picked up. Take 1-2 several times a day if you think you've picked up an unwanted friend. Take 1-2 a day when you've been around someone who isn't feeling their best. (Don't take daily for more than 2 weeks straight....take a 1 week break to let your body rest a bit).

💥OnGuard Foaming Hand Wash w/2 dispensers - This is an easy way to keep hands clean without icky chemicals. Easy to use foaming wash infused with OnGuard blend. Gentle on hands for frequent washing.

💥doTERRA Wholesale membership - Get 25% off this and all future orders for the next year!

GET THESE FREE: 💥Lavender (5ml) - Swiss army knife of essential oils. It helps everything from seasonal allergies to burns to anxious feelings to insomnia. You can use this oil topically, in the diffuser, or internally.

💥Wild Orange (5ml) - This essential oil helps to boost the immune system, sooth the digestive system, and lift the mood. You can use this oil internally, topically, or in the diffuser.

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