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Gift of Kings - FREE Frankincense

Frankincense is one of the top-selling doTERRA essential oils—and for good reason! Frankincense gives your body the royal treatment, which is why we’ve brought back the Gift of Kings promotion: get a free bottle of Frankincense with any 200 PV order during the month of December.

Frankincense essential oil provides amazing benefits for the body, inside and out, and is considered a must-have for your daily routine. From skincare and cellular support to soothing experiences, you’ll be astounded at the benefits of Frankincense.

If you’ve never tried this powerhouse product, don’t let this promotion pass you by! It’s the perfect time to experience the potent Frankincense benefits that you’ve been waiting for. If you’ve a

Here are a couple ideas to help you reach 200 PV

If you need stocking stuffers or gift ideas, this year’s doTERRA holiday items are one of a kind, making it simple to get all your seasonal shopping done in one place. Enjoy the Ancient Oils Collection, the Cuisine Blend Collection meant just for cooking, a new diffuser, and so much more. You can easily create a 200 PV order with doTERRA holiday products. No need to stress—with a few clicks, you’ve got the perfect present for everyone on your list.

As you’re trying to reach 200 PV, consider some of these unique holiday products that are only available for a limited time!

  • doTERRA Ancient Oils Collection: 150 PV

  • Kali, Personal Aroma 10 mL, with Diffusing Scarf: 30 PV

  • Hikari Diffuser with Holiday Peace®: 20 PV

Total: 200 PV

Or try this combination:

  • doTERRA Ancient Oils Collection: 150 PV

  • doTERRA Cuisine Blend Collection: 15 PV

  • Kitana, Personal Aroma: 35 PV

Total: 200 PV

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