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Kensi Vincent - Apprentice


Kensi Vincent has just returned from an 18 month service mission and she is

beginning her apprenticeship with me in my Holistic Empowerment practice.

She is a very experienced muscle tester and is very intuitive. She is taking

clients for a few select services. Each service is only $20 each. She also speaks

Spanish if needed.

Kensi will be doing all the Heart-wall release sessions! See a full list of her sessions


All sessions are checked by Nicole Vincent.



Other Sessions Available with Kensi:

  • Food Chart - Through muscle response testing and intuition, I will test through over 400 different foods, drinks & additives to see which ones you need to avoid or limit and which ones you need more of. Also included with a food chart is testing for how much water your body needs daily.

  • Emotion Code Session - Focused on a specific need, such as a health concern or physical discomfort or emotional state. If you don't have a specific concern, the session will be focused on the highest priority for your body/spirit.  I will release emotions connected to the concern.  This is usually between 6-15 emotions per session.  I will also test for the best doTERRA essential oil to help you with the release/concern.

  • Heart-wall release session - In this heart-wall session, I will release any trapped emotions from the heart-wall that are ready to be released safely.  This is usually between 3-15 emotions per session. I will then check when we can safely release more from the heart-wall. I then check if you need a specific essential oil for support in releasing the heart-wall.  To completely clear a heart-wall, it will take several sessions. Every person's heart-wall is unique and will need to be treated individually. Because heart-walls are ever-changing, I do NOT test for the total number of emotions in the heart-wall as I have found that that number can and does change.

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