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Nicole R Vincent

Heart Opening


Our hearts are the physical and spiritual centers of our bodies and the bridge between our physical and the spiritual selves.  Through life's experiences, our hearts can become closed and hardened, unable to truly connect to ourselves, to others, or to God.  It can make it hard for us to even experience emotion in some cases.  Opening our hearts and releasing what isn't serving us allows our hearts to be nourished and progress.  In this Heart Opening session, we will focus on releasing various blocks, emotions, adversarial attacks, and various energies that are energetically blocking your heart from being open and connecting in true and authentic ways.  As we clear these blocks, you can connect better to your truest, highest self, thus allowing you to truly connect with those you love, those you serve, and your Higher Power. 


In this session, I will check the percentage of:

  • How open your heart is to goodness, truth & light

  • How open your heart is to giving love to yourself

  • How open your heart is to giving love to others

  • How open your heart is to receiving love from God

I will check these percentages at the beginning of the session and then again at the end to see what progress has been made. 


During the session I will release such things as:

  • Emotions from your heart-wall

  • Adversarial attacks on your heart

  • One to three "No will" energies (example: "no will to change" energy)

  • One to three negative programs

  • Release absorbed emotions

  • Release dark & negative cords

Rate for Heart Opening Session:

  • $75 per session for all ages


You will also get a guided visualization audio link to help you focus on nurturing and opening your heart (this is the same for all sessions and is not individualized).

And lastly, you will receive a customized essential oil recommendation to help you nurture and open your heart.

View a Sample Session HERE







*We will NOT be meeting face to face or via video chat.

After requesting your session, you will receive your notes along with a general audio recording explaining what is done in the Heart Opening Session within 5 to 10 business days of your request. Make sure if you requested the notes via email to check your spam/promotions folder.

Open Your Heart 💗 with a Heart Opening Energy Session

Open Your Heart 💗 with a Heart Opening Energy Session

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“I wasn't very surprised to see that my heart is pretty shut down to receiving. Vulnerability is hard. I love giving to others and I generally will give to others before I will give to myself. My husband commented that I seemed more at peace and happier.  In general, I am feeling lighter and more at peace. My heart has been heavy with everything that has been going on, so this was especially timely for me, as I'm sure others are feeling heavy hearts as well. The heart opening visualization was a really great experience. You are truly inspired and have some wonderful gifts that I'm beyond grateful to be able to take advantage of. “

— Steffani H.


“So, I didn’t know what to expect when you sent me this. I listened to the explanation and then read over everything. It really hit deep because it seemed so accurate. Over the next few days, I felt better and i attribute it to this. I don’t understand it all, but I know it helped! When I listened to the visualization, I bawled like a baby and felt release and just like a weight was lifted. Thank you for sharing your gift me!  You are sure a blessing!"

— Rebekah M.

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