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Nicole R Vincent

Holistic Empowerment



Are you ready to feel your best and release what is holding you back in your goals?  Holistic Empowerment sessions are the most thorough service I offer and will help you on your way to becoming your best self.  As I intuitively let your subconscious lead the way, we focus on your area of concern, releasing what needs to be released, becoming aware of what things might need to be changed or adjusted, and anything that might need to be added in.  Your area of concern can be a physical concern, an emotional concern, a mental concern, or a spiritual concern.  You can also choose to focus on your body’s highest priority. 

​These sessions include what is offered in a Energy Refresh session & a Heart-wall session (if the heart-wall is connected to your area of concern or is a priority for your body).  You can add on a customized food chart and/or a supplement schedule to your session for an additional fee.  You can also request customized affirmations with a custom essential oil blend recipe for an additional fee.

Various areas that might show up are:

  • Emotion Code, including possible heart-wall if connected to area of concern

  • Energetic obstacles

  • Negative programming

  • Connections and cords

  • Negative energies

  • Physical actions/items that might be needed (essential oils, supplements, exercise, etc.)

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Energetic attacks

  • Generational, Pre-conception, Inner child, time loops, etc. connections

  • and much more

​Rates for remote testing:

  • $130 adult initial session

  • $75 for each child under the age of 10

  • $100 for a follow up session for those over 10 years of age within 12 weeks of previous session

  • $60 for a follow up session for those under 10 years of age within 12 weeks of previous session

  • $3/min, 10 min minimum for very specific needs such as an oil blend for a specific need


Add Ons:

  • Food chart with full session, $20 ($10 savings)

  • Affirmations with custom essential oil blend recipe, $50 (This is only for the recipe, not for the actual oil blend. If you need me to make the blend, I can, but the price will vary based on what your personalized recipe is.)

​Recommended every 4-6 weeks in most cases.

View a Sample Session HERE









​*We will NOT be meeting face to face or via video chat.

After requesting your session, you will receive your detailed notes along with an audio recording explaining your session within 10 to 15 business days of your request.  Make sure if you requested the notes via email to check your spam/promotions folder.

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