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Nicole R Vincent

Food Chart

Through muscle response testing and intuition, I will test through over 400 different foods, drinks & additives to see which ones you need to avoid or limit and which ones you need more of. Also included with a food chart is testing for how much water your body needs daily.​


  • It is best to update your food chart every 3-4 months

Rate for Food Chart:

  • $30 (Only $20 as an add-on to  a Holistic Empowerment Session)

  • Rechecks of food charts done within 4 months are only $20

View a Sample Food Chart HERE (your copy will be without watermark and clear)

*We will NOT be meeting face to face or via video chat.

After requesting your food chart, you will receive your food chart within 10 to 15 business days of your request. Make sure if you requested the notes via email to check your spam/promotions folder.

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