Essential Oils

"Nicole’s skills with helping me release trapped emotions has helped me be less reactive and more of a listener and objective with my kids. I have a long way to go as I’m still more reactive in other areas of my life- but in that area we have made headway!"  Noel

My mission is to empower YOU to find your own God-given gifts and feel empowered in all areas of your life: physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually. Let me help you find your light within and teach you how to SHINE! 

"Nicole was able to get to the root of my adult eczema. Since reducing the stressors and following the supplement and essential oil schedule I have seen a great improvement in my eczema and overall health." Tyler N.

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"About 5 months ago, I saw Nicole's FB post that she was offering Holistic healing services and decided to trust my gut and make an appointment. It was exactly what I needed. She has taken my healing to the next level by releasing what my body no longer needs. I feel so much lighter, I stand taller. And I have peace. I am incredibly grateful for Nicole and her amazing God given gifts" Stephanie